Exotic Car/Special Vehicles Ceramic Pro

All our Vehicles are Handled with extreme care and attention to detail

Offering both single stage and two stage Paint correction, full car detailing including 

  • Hand-wash using non-marring techniques
  • Full clay bar service
  • Full wheel & wheel-well detail ( no sling tire shine) Also use cleaners that are safe for delicate carbon rotors
  • Exhaust tips cleaned & polished
  • All door, trunk & hood jambs cleaned
  • Two stage paint correction on upper surface (hood , roof, trunk) Single stage on paint correction for lower surfaces
  • Light engine detail
  • Complete interior detail
  • Premium Carnauba wax is included
  • (All other coatings are optional)

Ceramic Pro By Appointment only!!

Offering full protective coatings on much more than just vehicles!!

  • Vehicle Interior and Exterior
  • Stainless Steal Surfaces¬†
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Sneakers and Collector Shoes
  • All Home Appliances
  • And Much More!!